Sunday, November 4, 2012

Long Story Short

So life got super busy after Rory was born!  Just about three weeks after we had our baby boy we moved into our new house.  Thank goodness for family and friends to help us with the transition.  Rory is three months old now and I have yet to do a blog post to brag him up. 

Life with a newborn and a two year old is very eventful to say the least.  Mollie loves her little brother and is so sweet with him.  Her only issue with him is that she believes every baby toy we give him belongs to her.  She has become quite the toy thief! 

Jason was able to take two weeks off from work after we had our baby.  His time was spent packing up boxes to move into our new home.  When he went back to work I had family and friends help me with Mollie so that I could care for Rory.  She got to go on play dates which she absolutely loved!

I worked part-time from home up until a week ago.  Rory started daycare on October 29th and I am now back to work in full swing.  I had a wonderful three months at home with him.  Days go by so quickly and I hate to miss a single moment with my kiddos. 

I really miss updating this blog!  I had to take a break to focus all my love and attention towards my family.  Now that things are starting to get in routine with the new baby and new house I can get back to blogging!  Right now everyone is in bed and it's just me and my cat sitting at the kitchen counter.  One of our dogs is laying behind me getting his snore on.  Life is good.  :)

Jason and I signed up with for a weight loss game and our final weigh-in is this coming Wednesday.  We decided to do the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down to try to lose the last couple of pounds to reach our goals.  We are eating lean and green and feeling amazing.  Jason is a little hungry but he said he will live.  Poor guy, the things I drag him into!

I haven't ran very much since Rory was born.  I have been on the treadmill a total of 3 times now.  I just haven't had the time or should I say I just haven't made it a priority.  I'm still having neck pain issues which I recently went back to the doctor for and had another injection done.  Running long distances aggrevates it so I'm just doing what I can for now to get in some exercise.  Earlier in October I got out for several walks with Rory in the stroller.  Weather is getting colder now so I don't think he would appreciate the cold and windy stroller rides. 

Time for bed (yawn) for this Mommy.  Goodnight! :)

LOTS of pictures to come of Rory and all his stats!

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