Friday, May 11, 2012

Prenatal Doctor Appointment Update

Glucose screening time!  I had the "orange" drink sitting in my fridge since my last prenatal appointment waiting to be chugged in the alotted 5 minute time frame.  At 10 o'clock I twisted off the cap and drank it like I was in some kind of drinking competition.  Easy as pie, I had it gone in less than 60 seconds.  Some people find the drink to be disgusting and they say it makes them gag trying to get it down.  I personally think it just tastes like sugary orange kool-aid.  I've had worse things that's for sure. 

After I had this tasty little cocktail I finished getting ready and headed to the clinic.  At 11 o'clock they drew my blood at the lab and then I headed down the hall to see my OBGYN for my prenatal check-up.  All-in-all the appointment went great.  My blood work results came back and I tested negative for gestational diabetes.  My doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat and it was beating at a healthy 147 beats per minute. 

I discussed my weight gain with my doctor today.  I told her I was concerned with how much I had gained at this point compared to my first pregnancy.  With Mollie I gained a total of 35 pounds and right now I still have 12 weeks to go and I have already gained 30 pounds.  I was definitely more active during my first pregnancy so that makes a difference.  I have been completely inactive the past couple of months due to health reasons but now that I have had the surgery done and I am on the road to recovery I think things will start to level out and get back on a healthy track.  My doctor told me it was good that I was aware of my weight gain and that I just need to make an effort to eat healthy and start walking once I am completely healed up. 

I found a great website that gives pregnant women an idea of where they should be as far as weight gain goes during pregnancy. 
Click here--->  Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

It's hard to believe that I am in my THIRD trimester already!  When my doctor told me I would be coming back every two weeks from now on it really hit me.  We are getting so close to meeting our baby boy! 

Baby Bump - 28 Weeks

This afternoon as I was sitting at my computer catching up on some work emails there was a knock at the door.  I usually do not answer the door when I am home by myself (I'm just wierd like that).  For some reason I decided to check out who it was and I'm so glad I did.  It was a lady delivering flowers that Jason had got for me from him and Mollie for Mother's Day.  It made me smile from ear to ear.  I wasn't expecting that at all and it completely made my day! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the special Mommy's out there!!


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