Monday, February 6, 2012

Unexpected Ultrasound: 14 weeks 4 days

This morning I had my 14 week routine prenatal check-up.  I knew my regular doctor was not going to be there and that someone was filling in for her.  The doctor came in and asked me the basic questions: How are you feeling?  Are you going to find out the gender of the baby?  What are you hoping for?  He then asked if I had an ultrasound done yet.  I told him I had one done at my last appointment and jokingly said I'd love another one! 

He had me hop up on the table so he could listen to the heartbeat.  He moved the fetal doppler heart rate monitor around and around and around....he was quiet and wasn't saying anything.  My heart was beginning to pound and my palms were sweating.  Something seemed wrong and I had a panicky feeling set in.  He looked at me and could tell I was worried.  He told me he wasn't able to find the heart rate so he wanted to do an ultrasound.  He reassured me that everything was fine and that sometimes it is hard to find a heart beat with the hand held doppler. 

A few minutes later (what felt like an hour) the ultrasound tech came in and took me to the ultrasound room.  He immediately saw the baby and a healthy heartbeat.  Everything was just fine and I was able to breath again.  He then printed out a picture for me to take home.  Such a blessing to see the baby and to know everything is going just fine. 
My little peanut! 

As I was leaving the clinic I was overwhelmed with this sense of relief.  I thought to myself how lucky I am to have this baby growing inside my belly and I thanked God that everything was going well. 

My next appointment is in four weeks.  At that time we will schedule the next ultrasound.  If they are able to tell us the gender we will be happy to listen! ;)

Baby bump!


  1. Hello Kari!

    How wonderful and Exciting! I have a question, I just started the Tone It Up Plan and wanted to know about PB. I use the natural kind and I for example with have an ezekial english muffin with PB and a drizzle of honey for M1. Is this good as far as protein goes since there is protein in PB or do I still need to add egg whites or something? Your help is much appreciated! And do you live in MN? I do and I watched one of your videos on Youtube and you had a vikings shirt on so I was thinking you might. ;D

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