Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pregnancy: 12 weeks

I'm 12 weeks pregnant today!  Where did the time go?  This pregnancy is going so much faster than my first one.  I think it is because I am so much busier this time around.  I have a 21 month old to chase around and that's a full time job in itself.  Plus work has been super busy lately. 

My official due date is August 2, 2012.  I had my first ultrasound done at 10 weeks 4 days.  Hearing the baby's heartbeat is such an incredible sound, the heartbeat was at 126.  I am going to the same doctor who delivered Mollie.  She is such a great doctor!  During our ultrasound she showed us that their was a second sack attached to the sack that the baby is in but it was empty.  My husband and I looked at each other and thought, wow, what if it would have been twins!  We feel so blessed that we were able to get pregnant without fertility treatments this time.  It still seems unreal and hard to believe. 

10 weeks 4 days

12 Weeks Recap

Weeks 1-7:  I continued running every day until I reached 7 weeks.  When I was 4 weeks pregnant I ran the Thanksgiving Day 5k and beat my fastest time.  I didn't even realize I was pregnant until a few days after the race.  I continued running but was no longer worried about how fast I ran each mile, I was just running to stay healthy and fit.  It all came to a halt at 7 weeks along.  That is when morning sickness kicked in full swing and the thought of any physical activity was squashed. 

Weeks 7-10: Morning sickness needs to be renamed.  It's more like "all day sickness".  Somedays it will come and go and others it sticks around all day long.  I somtimes wake up at night feeling queasy so I get up and drink some water to help.  I was never sick during my first pregnancy so now I realize just how lucky I was.  I have been extremely tired and lacking energy.  On the weekends I usually will nap when Mollie does. 

Weeks 10-12: I'm starting to have less and less morning sickness each day.  It seems to only come around when I get hungry, an empty stomach does not agree with this baby! 

Orange Juice
Salty foods (pickle slices, turkey jerky)
Pizza with ham & mushrooms
Mashed potatoes with corn mixed in

Foods That Make Me Queasy
Peanut Butter (weeks 7-10, now eating again)
Greek Yogurt
Smell of coffee (which I normally LOVE!)

Weight Gain
In the first 12 weeks I have gained 6.4 pounds.

I have a little bump forming.  I was really surpised to see that I am showing already.  I didn't show until about 14 weeks with Mollie. 

6 weeks

12 weeks

My next doctor appointmet will be in February and I will be 14 weeks 4 days along.

My goal now that I am feeling better is to try to get on the treadmill and start walking 30 minutes a day.  Eventually I would like to get in 45-60 minutes a day.  It's so important to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy.  I believe it helps me feel more emotionally stable and I have read studies that say it can make labor easier on your body. 

What Baby is Doing This Week
Fingers can now open and closes.  The kidneys are functioning.  From the top of the baby's head to the rump measures approximately 2 inches (about the size of a lime).


  1. Look at that bump! You're adorable- so happy for you guys!

  2. You look great! I didn't even know you were pregnant...congrats!

  3. Love the new blog post. So happy for you and your family. :)
    -Lauren (@ChoosingHealthy)

  4. Great post! I'm so excited for you guys! I think your going to have a great labor since you are incredibly fit. Love seeing the update. I hope your morning sickness continues to taper off.


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