Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strength Workout & Cardio

Okay, so I'm addicted to Pintrest but since there isn't a rehab program for it yet I will continue on with my never-ending scrolling down the page.  Today I decided to check out my "Work It Out" board and try a workout I had pinned but kind of forgot about it.  Do you find yourself doing that?  You pin all these wonderful workouts, recipes or crafty ideas then completely forget about them.  It's fun to go back through your boards once in awhile and actually put some of them to use!  Today I decided to tackle the jumping jacks & push ups workout shown here:
I must admit I was a little wimpy towards the end and did some of the push ups on my knees.  This was a fun workout to switch things up a bit. After awhile the jumping jacks started to agitate my neck injury so I'm putting this workout on the back burner for awhile.  Maybe I could swap out the jacks for mountain climbers or something else.  

I moved on to some cardio after the jacks/push ups workout.  I chose to stay indoors today since it's about 10 degrees outside and the wind is brutal.  I had physical therapy this morning for my neck and my PT guy had just returned from Florida...wishing he would have brought some 70 degree weather back with him! ;)  I jumped on the Nordic Track bike and rode 10 miles while I watched a show that I had DVR'd.  The DVR is loaded since we don't sit down to watch TV very often.  We try to devote our attention to Mollie in the evenings.  She keeps us busy reading books and playing (way better than sitting on our butt watching the tube). 

Hope everyone had a great day!! :)


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