Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dreaming of Quinoa!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning because I could hear Mollie talking in her room.  She usually wakes up once each night and wants her diaper changed before falling back to sleep.  When I went back to bed I had food on the brain.  I had this idea to make quinoa with roasted carrots.  Then I continued to think about what else would be good in that mix.  I had to get up and write this down so I wouldn't forget!  I ended up wanting quinoa, roasted carrots, sauteed onions and chicken sausage with a sesame ginger sauce.  Do you ever find yourself up in the middle of the night and thinking of things you want to do?  I do this ALL the time and if I don't get up and write it down I have a hard time falling back to sleep. 

Today has been a great Sunday so far.  Mollie let us sleep in until 8 o'clock.  I made a yummy wrap (high fiber, low carb) with peanut butter, banana slices, fresh blueberries, honey and cinnamon. I had the pleasure of eating breakfast with Mollie this morning while we watched Elmo's World on YouTube while Jason was out walking the dogs.
Peanut Butter Snack Wrap - Recipe from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.
I altered it by adding blueberries.  Sometimes I use pumpkin spice instead of cinnamon.

This morning's workout was a 5.16 mile run outside (I needed to burn off the Scotcharoo bar(s) I ate last night!).  The temperature was 22F with an 8 mph wind.  I bundled up with a thermal long sleeve shirt, running jacket, running pants and an ear warmer.  I brought gloves along but took them off halfway through my run because my hands were sweating like crazy.  I honestly can't believe we are now in the month of December and the ground is not covered in snow yet.  Very unusual for South Dakota this time of year.  I'm NOT complaining!!  :)

Okay, so now on to this quinoa mix I had been dreaming about.  Since I knew I wanted this for lunch I cooked the quinoa before I went on my run so I would be able to eat right when I got home.  All I had to do was chop up a carrot and roast it in the oven, sautee some onion on the stove and cook the chicken sausage on the George Foreman grill.  In about 15 minutes I had lunch ready. 

Chicken Sausage Quinoa Bowl
1/2 C quinoa, cooked
1/2 large carrot, chopped
1/4 white onion, sliced or chopped
1 chicken sausage link
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Handful of snap peas (in the pod)
Seasonings: garlic salt, paprika, pepper, cayenne pepper, Mrs. Dash original
Pam Olive Oil spray

Cook quinoa according directions on package and set aside.  I like to do this ahead of time and have it on hand in the fridge.  Using Pam Olive Oil spray, grease a 9x13 baking sheet.  Spread out chopped carrot on cooking sheet and spray carrots with a light coat of the Pam spray.  Season with garlic salt and black pepper.  Bake at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, stirring once halfway through cooking.  In a skillet on medium heat cook onion with olive oil, cayenne pepper, Mrs. Dash original and a little garlic salt.  When onions are cooked add in the snap peas and cook on low for about 3 more minutes so they stay a little crispy.  If you have a Foreman grill you can cook the chicken sausage in about 5 minutes.  Otherwise just cook according to package directions.  Slice sausage into bite size pieces.  In the skillet with onion and snap peas add in the roasted carrots, sausage slices and quinoa.  Stir well until quinoa is warmed up.  Serve immediately.  Makes one serving.
**Optional: I added some sesame ginger sauce I had in the fridge.  Feel free to add a tablespoon of your favorite sauce, stir-fry sauce would work.  I like to choose something thats low in sugar and sodium. 

Roasted carrots (cut into small pieces to shorten roasting time).
I like big slices of onion but you could also chop these up smaller if you prefer.
Add in peas at the end to heat up but keep them crispy.
Mmmmm, chicken sausage with mozzarella and artichokes.
Mix all together until quinoa heats up.
Toss in a bowl and enjoy! :)

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  1. That looks sooooo good! I'm going to have to try that! I have yet to experience the wonderful world of quinoa:) Love the posts! Keep them coming!


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