Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Announcing Pregnancy to Family

Today we made our announcement to immediate family that we are expecting baby #2!  It is such wonderful news to share with everyone.  The reactions have been so fun to listen to.  I had already told my Mom and Dad shortly after we had found out.  This morning I was visiting with my sister and I let her in on the secret.  Then this afternoon I was able to tell my brother (who's wife is also expecting).  When Jason came home from work we went to his sister's house and let her family know the news and then called one of his brothers.  We went to a wrestling match to watch another one of Jason's brother's son wrestle and we told them the news while we were there.  He has one more brother who lives in Arizona and hopefully he will get a hold of him soon to let him know too! 

Okay, so that got to be a long explanation of who we told today, but I mainly did that for my own personal memory to look back on. 

Now I'm excited to start telling extended family and all of our friends.  I just feel absolutely, down-right giddy right now.  Being able to tell everyone about this very special moment in our life is very exciting.  We love being parents and are overwhelmed with love for Mollie.  We both knew that we wanted to have more kids after we had her.  She has been the biggest blessing in our lives.

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