Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day 5k

I have been so excited to run the Turkey Day 5k.  I have ran other 5k races during the Summer months but never have I ran a race during the Winter.  I was worried because it snowed last Saturday and I wasn't sure about running on snow packed roads.  Luckily the temps were in the 40's this week and the snow melted off of our 5k route. 
(Scroll to bottom to see my iPod playlist for my run today!)

Time - 23:24 (PR) Pace - 7:31/mile
Place - 11th of out 108 females/ 42nd out of 208 male & female combined

Playing with Stoli before leaving for the race.
My goal was to beat my PR of 24:46 (October 1, 2011)
My niece Jelly & sister-in-law Jackie
My running buddy Rachael!!

I forgot to grab a piece of pie after the race! (I had plenty at dinner though!)
Trying to take a pic with my wiggle worm.
Big smooch! :)

Here is my playlist I had on my iPod for the race.

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