Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running Challenge: Days 26-30

Days 1-9
Days 10-15
Days 16-20
Days 21-25

Day 26 - Saturday 11.26.2011
Miles 2.28 Time 20:00

Quick 20 minute treadmill run followed by an upper body strength workout.

I can see the end in the sight! Wowser, only 4 days to go!

Day 27 - Sunday 11.27.2011
Outside Run - Temp 36F Wind 11mph
Miles 5.25 Time 44:30

Only 3 more runs until the end of the challenge!

Day 28 - Monday 11.28.2011
Treadmill Walk/Incline/Run
Miles 2.81 Time 30:00

I started the day out with a quick full body strength workout (shown below) and I did my cardio after dinner.  Not ideal but sometimes it just works out that way. :)

Minutes 10-20 were inspired by an incline workout I saw on Peanut Butter Fingers blog a few days ago.  Check out her workout ---> here

Day 29 - Tuesday 11.29.2011
Outside Run - Temp 27F Wind 7mph
Miles 5.1 Time 44:20

Brrrrrrr!  My muscles felt like ice bricks during this run.  I was definitely happy to get back home and throw on some warm sweatpants, a fleece pullover and slippers!  Okay, enough about freezing my tush off...I can't believe I only have ONE more day left of this 30 day challenge.  I am so excited that I was able to stick with it.  It's so much easier to accomplish something when you just set your mind to it and tell yourself YOU CAN! 

My favorite online running tools:

Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday 11.30.2011
Outdoor & Treadmill
Temp 30F Wind 14mph and it was SNOWING!
Total miles 5.1

I had a snowy running path tonight.  I intended to run 5 miles outside but between the snowflakes the size of hamsters and the wind I could hardly keep my eyes open to see where I was going.  I cut my run short at 2.6 miles and finshed with 2.5 miles on the treadmill.  Running in the snow is not a hobby I will be picking up on any time soon!  I know people driving by me were thinking "That lady must be out of her dang mind!"  I was thinking it too! :)

30 Days Completed!  YAY!!!! :)

Thank you to all the Tone It Up team for supporting me through this challenge, you kept me going every day with your encouraging words!  ((hugs))  I met my goal of running 100 miles in 30 days.  (100.68 miles to be exact) 

So now what?  This 30 day challenge occupied most of my November blog posts, time to move on the the next thing.  Stay tuned, I have a BIG topic coming up that will be lots of fun but I won't be starting it for a couple of weeks.  It's going to be EXCITING!!!  ;)


  1. Amazing!! Are you running outside in the AM? I completed my first 10k on Thanksgiving and loved it! Was training for about 12 weeks. I absolutely hate the dreadmill (esp for long runs) so not sure what I'm going to do this winter!


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