Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running Challenge: Days 21-25

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Days 16-20 ---> here

Day 21 - Monday 11.21.2011
Treadmill Jog/Sprint Intervals
Miles 3.23 Time 30:00

It's Thanksgiving week!  That means the Turkey Day 5k is only a couple of days away.  My running buddy, Rachael, called today and said she was thinking about joining me for the turkey run this year and I am giddy!  It is so much more fun to have someone to race with. 

I am going to take it easy on the runs the next two days before the race (around 2 miles or less).  Here is how my run looked today:

Day 22 - Tuesday 11.22.2011

Yes, you read that right.  I did skip a day of running.  At first I was disappointed to break the steak but then I realized I was still really proud of what I have accomplished so far. 

There were a few factors in my decision not to run today.  I woke up 5:30am to shower, get ready, get my meals ready for the day, pack Mollie's diaper bag, wake her up to get dressed and eat breakfast and out the door to go to daycare.  I then met up with my Dad and we drove to the office together (70 miles away).  That afternoon we drove another 40 miles to a city where we stopped at businesses to talk about their health care benefits.  We then drove another 35 miles to go to an appointment my Dad had set up to talk to a group of employees about their investment funds at 6:00pm.  I ended up pulling in my driveway at 10:00pm.  At that point I still had an hour worth of paperwork to get done before I could go to bed.  Knowing that I needed to get up early Wednesday morning to drive 90 miles for a doctor appointment, I chose to get some rest and pass up on a late night run.  I was exhausted and my body was needing the rest so I listened and crashed. 

Just because I missed one day does not mean this challenge is over.  I am going to finish out the 30 day challenge.  I plan on making up a today on day 31.  I do NOT see this as a failure, I see this as an opportunity to do my best and be proud knowing I have genuinely worked hard.  

Day 23 - Wednesday 11.23.2011
Treadmill - SLOW walk/jog/run
Miles 2.5 Time 31:23

Tonight I had no intention of doing hard run.  I knew I wanted to take it easy because I have the Turkey Day 5k in the morning and wanted to be rested for it.  After not running yesterday and taking it easy on my run tonight, I feel my body is going to be ready to give me a good run tomorrow.   

My workout looked like this:

Hunter got some snuggle time before my run tonight, he always finds his way to the workout room when I'm in there.  Such a love bug! :)

7 days to go!!

Day 24 - Thursday 11.24.2011
Check out my post about my Turkey Day 5k here
Miles 3.1 Time 23:24 (PR)

Day 25 - Friday 11.25.2011
Outside Run
Temp 35F Wind 4mph
Miles 5.25 Time 49:59

I love that the forecast shows Sunny but the sky was completely covered 100% in clouds, oops to the weather man on that one. ;)

So true!  I find it hard to make myself stop what I am doing and just go for a run.  Always feels amazing and refreshing afterwards.

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