Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running Challenge: Days 16-20

Check out Days 1-9 and Days 10-15

Over the hump!
Day 16 - Wednesday 11.16.2011
Treadmill Run
Miles 3.5, Time 30:44, Calories Burned 564

Jason told me today that he was proud of me for sticking with this challenge.  I told him that all my Tone It Up friends have kept me motivated with their positive feedback and it keeps me pushing through. THANK YOU TIU TEAM! xoxo

This was a run I found from Carrots 'n' Cake blog, just changed the end a little.

Hunter's version of working out on the treadmill. He usually sits on the workout bench and watches me run, such a great cheerleader! ;)

14 days to go!!

Day 17 - Thursday 11.17.2011
Treadmill Run
Miles 3.78, Time 35:00, Calories Burned 613

I forgot to mention in my previous treadmill posts that I like to do all these treadmill workouts at an incline of 1% or 2% unless otherwise specified on the workout sheet.  This way you get a workout that better simulates an outdoor run.  Here what today's run looked like:

Don't forget the importance of stretching after a workout.  It helps you stay flexible and gives you a good range of motion.  Hold your stretches 10-20 seconds in order for it to be effective.
I like to put my legs against the wall with my feet up for about 3-5 minutes after a run or even a strength training session where I'm working my legs a lot.  It calms and relieves tension in the nerves and blood vessels of the legs.  This is a good one to do everyday just before bed if you don't have time right after you workout.
(There's Hunter again, checking out the action in the workout room.)

Day 18 - Friday 11.18.2011
Short Treadmill Run
Miles 2, Time 16:48, Calories Burned 231

Today's workout was super short.  We were staying in Minneapolis and I needed to get a run in for the day so I did a quick 2 mile run at the hotel fitness center.  I had the gym to myself which was pretty fantastic.  I cranked up the volume on a run mix from Rock My Run on my iPod and rocked out a fun run.

Mollie checking out the fitness center (in her pj's of course).
Jason captured this great shot of Mollie & I in the mirror :)

Day - 19 Saturday 11.19.2011
Treadmill Intervals: Walk/Run/Sprints
Miles 5.83 Time 60:00

It snowed today!  I was really hoping we would make it until after Thanksgiving until we got our first snow of the season.  ALMOST made it!  Only a few more days until the Turkey Day 5k and I'm seriously pumped! 

Today I did my altered version of the Tone It Up Shredmill workout.  The first time I did this was back in September and it kicked my butt.  I can tell I have built endurance and strength since then because today it seemed so much easier. 
After my run I did a short (very short) strength workout pictured below:

11 days to go...unbelievable!

I am LOVING my new capris from Old Navy, I only paid $15 for them!!  They are actually better than some of the brands I have paid over $50 for.

Day 20 - Sunday 11.20.2011
Treadmill Run
Miles 3.5 Time 29:59

Today's run was very plain Jane and as simple as they come.  I jumped on the treadmill, set my incline at 1% and my speed at 7mph.  I did a total of 3.5 miles at this pace.  I don't usually keep one pace while doing a treadmill run because it tends to get extremely boring.  Today I kept distracted by having the TV on in front of me and blasting a fun music playlist.  10 DAYS TO GO!!!  :)


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