Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running Challenge: Days 10-15

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Day 10 - Thursday 11.10.2011
Outside Slow Run - Temp: 30 F Wind: 5mph
Miles: 3.04 Time: 27:39

Tonight I needed a nice, easy, slow run so I headed out the door with my iPod set to a mellow playlist.  I hit the road at 5:30pm and it was already dark.  Most of the path is lit with street lights but some stretches get pretty dark.  I need to find a light to wear, I have heard they have some that you can wear on your ankle or wrist. 
My playlist consisted of all the Incubus songs I have on my iPod.

Day 11 - Friday 11.11.2011 - Veterans Day
Outdoor Run - Temp 47F Wind 15mph
Miles: 5 Time: 43:34 

I ran today in honor of my brother, Travis.  I thank God everyday that he made it home safely from Iraq and our family is truly blessed to have him in our lives. 
Travis with his wife (Julie) and daughter (Nora) <3

19 days to go!!

Day 12 - Saturday 11.12.2011
Treamill Run
Miles: 2 Time: 17:47 Calories Burned: 336
Followed by full body workout (pictured below)
Today I just did a short run and a quick full body workout because we are going to spend the day with family so I didn't have much time this morning.  Have a great weekend! :)

Day 13 - Sunday 11.13.2011
Treadmill: Run/Walk/Incline
Total time: 40:00 Total Miles: 3.7
Treadmill workout - found here from Peanut Butter Fingers blog.

17 days to go!!!

I finished out my workout with a really good stretch which included this video from Tone It Up trainer, Karena Dawn. 

Day 14 - Monday 11.14.2011
Treadmill Run
Miles 2.73 Time 25:00 Calories Burned 442

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do today on the treadmill.  I just knew I didn't feel like battling the wind outside today.  So when I jumped on for my run I just made it up as I went hoping to keep it simple so I could remember it when writing it down to share with you!

Only 16 days left...WOW! :)

Day 15 - Tuesday 11.15.2011 (HALFWAY DONE!!!)
Incline Run on Treadmill
Miles 4 Time 45:00 Calories Burned 752

I found this workout in a blog post by Carrots 'n' Cake.  All I can say is WOW!  This one gets the sweat drippin' and the heart pumpin'!  I loved this workout, it's a keeper.

So here I am at the halfway point of my 30 day running challenge and I'm feeling pretty fantastic about it!  My goal is to run 100 miles during this challenge.  So far I have logged 47.42 miles, so I am pretty close to being on track with my goal.  I WILL DO IT!  :)  Thank you to all the TIU girls for keeping me motivated through this journey! <3

BONUS: I have lost 3.6 pounds since November 1st.  I have been eating 5 small, healthy meals each day.  Example: Breakfast - protein pancake or egg white sandwich, Snack - greek yogurt w/ granola, Lunch - Kale or spinach salad w/ grilled chicken and loaded with veggies, Snack - Luna bar or apple w/ peanut butter, Dinner - 4 oz lean protein and lots of roasted veggies (zucchini, cauli & broccoli) or turkey chili. 

Soon I will try to post some of my running playlists!

Moving on...days 16-30 here I come!! :)

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  1. Great blog, I have been running (all be it with no structure) and this definately gives me some solid workouts that incorporate a little strength training as well...Starting this TODAY haha thanks!


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