Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cold Weather Running Gear

As much as I would love to stay in denial that Winter is coming, the temps are in the 40's during the day and 20's at night already so I have pulled out my cold weather running gear.  I'm comfortable running outside when it's super cold but when the ground gets covered with snow and ice I hit the treadmill until it all melts in the Spring.  So for now I take advantage of every chance I get to hit the road before the snow flies.

Looking out our front door last Winter...enough said!

To give you an idea of what the weather gets like here in the Winter months: Temps fall to single digits, windchills get to 30-40 below zero and we get an average of 30 inches of snow fall.  LOVELY!!  Now let's go running!

HEAD:  The number one thing I can't run without is an ear warmer.  My ears are extremeley sensitive to the cold so it's a must for me to protect them.  (The North Face Ear Gear pictured below).
TORSO:  When it comes to tops I usually throw on a long sleeve thermal and then a running jacket (Nike running jacket pictured above) or running shirt with moisture-wicking to keep dry and warm. On my wish list:

The North Face - Women's Impulse 1/4 Zip
Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Lululemon - Full Tilt Pullover

HANDS & FACE:  I like to wear a pair of light weight gloves, I always end up taking them off mid-run because my hands get too sweaty.  Depending if it is windy or what the temp is I sometimes wear a light scarf to protect my face from the cold.

LEGS:  I have yet to invest in a good pair of running tights.  So far I have just been getting by with wearing regular workout/running pants.  I have to admit my thighs and butt are frozen by the time I get home.  I am currently looking at buying these online:

FEET:  Invest in a good pair of moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet warm.
Low Cut Socks

Use caution when running during the Winter months.  Make sure someone knows where you are running and tell them how long you plan to be gone.  Wear a running jacket with pockets so that you have a place to keep your cell phone in case of an emergency.  The days are shorter and we are more likely to be running when it's dark out so make sure to wear bright or reflective running gear.  If the roads are too snow packed or icy don't risk it, the treadmill might not always be fun but don't risk slipping outside and getting injured.  Breathing in cold air can cause a burning sensation in your lungs but after a few runs that goes away.  By covering your mouth with a scarf it helps warm the air when breathing in which will prevent the burning in your lungs.

Happy Running! :)

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