Thursday, October 13, 2011

Football, Incubus & Food

Is this really happening?  My husband has been a life long fan of the Lions and I am a rival Vikings fan.  Jason and I met over 8 years ago and the Lions have only beat the Vikings maybe twice in that time.  Now all of a sudden the Lions have started out their season 5-0!  I think my husband is beyond extactic to see his team on a winning streak.  One thing I love about Jason is that he is loyal and I have always admired him for that.  Today I had lunch with my Mom and she gave me this Sports Illustrated issue with the Lions on the cover to give to Jason.  I think he is loving every minute of the season so far.  (My Vikes are 1-4, OUCH!).

Jason and I just made our way home from Vegas on Monday night.  I swear we have spent the entire week trying to get caught up on sleep.  We had a great time between people watching, eating at great restaurants, shopping and going to an Incubus concert.  

Waiting for Incubus to come out on stage! :)

Incubus Lead Singer: Brandon Boyd

Incubus Drummer: Jose Pasillas & Jason!

Healthy choices while on vacation:
1.  Always order water with a lemon and if you want lemonade add a packet of Stevia.  

2.  Order salad when everyone else has pizza...cry a little then laugh because you know it won't be going to your thighs. ;) 

Wow...just moving from one topic to the next on this post!  I recently tried Synergy Kombucha and immediately my tastes buds were in love.  I wish I would have stocked up while I was at Whole Foods (Minneapolis is the closest one to me and it is 3.5 hours away!).  I looked up their website and it looks like they sell it at a health store in my town so I will be checking that out!! 

One more random food item before I wrap up!  My favorite new way to eat protein pancakes...throw the batter in a waffle press.  So fun and no flipping! :)

Have a great day everyone! <3

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  1. Putting a TIU pancake in a waffle press. This is genius because I can never flip mine! I am going to try this in the morning.


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