Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tone It Up Shredmill Workout

The Tone It Up girls did it again!  They have come up with another amazing workout for the TIU team.  Katrina and Karena posted the Shredmill on their blog which you can find HERE.

I am not one to do the same workout twice in a week because I like to switch it up to avoid getting bored or burnt out on one thing.  However, I did end up doing this one twice the week it was posted.  I liked it so much that the following week I ended up doing it twice in one day!  This last time I took out the breaks and stayed on the treadmill two times through.  Here is how it broke down for me:

This was a KILLER workout.  I had to dig deep, really deep, to finish those last sprints at 9 mph.  Next time I am going to reverse my sprints and do the faster ones first so I have more energy for them.  I felt extremely accomplished when I finished this workout.  There were a couple moments I had to mentally push myself to stay on the treadmill.  I just kept remininding myself during the sprints that I had a walk break coming and I can do this for one minute, it's only one minute at a time!

Sweaty mess!

60 minutes 5.83 miles 955 calories

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