Sunday, September 11, 2011

*HaPpY BiRtDaY to....ME!*

This is a few days late but my birthday (Sept. 7th) landed smack dab in the middle of our family vacation.  I tried to limit my internet time (Twitter, Facebook & blogging) so that I could relax and be with my hubby and daughter.  It was a low key but very fun birthday. 

I woke up at 6:30 and headed out the door for a two mile run in the Arizona dessert.  The temp was already in the mid 80's so working up a good sweat wasn't a problem!  I had my Pandora app on my phone set to the Britney Spears station.  "I I I wanna go go go all the way-ay-ay!"  Here was my running path:

After my run I enjoyed some instant Starbucks coffee with a splash almond milk.  I like to let it cool in the fridge and then enjoy it over ice. 

Breakfast: Greek yogurt 0% and gluten free granola from Trader Joe's.

After breakfast we got ready to head out for a lunch date.  We set the self timer on the camera and tried about 6 times to get a picture to work.  This was the only decent one.  You can tell by Jason's face it was getting a little frustrating!  ;)

Mollie wouldn't give me a birthday kiss so I planted a big one on her instead!

I decided that lunch at P.F. Chang's would be a perfect way to celebrate the big day.  YUM-O!  Okay, so the sodium content at this restaurant isn't exactly great but once in a while a splurge won't kill me.  
Miss Mollie

Kodak moment outside P.F. Chang's

We ordered Lettuce Wraps with Chicken for an appetizer.  These are the main reason we love P.F. Chang's!!  We have the waitress mix our sauce to a medium heat to pour over the lettuce wraps.  Mmmmm...

For dessert I ordered a mini lemon was definitely dreamy!

We decided to take our leftovers home with us to enjoy for lunch the next day.  We had ordered the Crispy Honey Chicken over brown rice. 

My fortune cookie :)

After lunch we headed to Superstition Springs Center Mall in Mesa, AZ.  We didn't buy much but it was still fun to look around.  Mollie sipped on a strawberry/banana smoothie while we shopped.  I found some GREAT deals!  I bought 6 pair of underwear and a bra for $38 at Victoria's secret.  I used my $10 off a bra and a free panty coupon I had received in the mail.  Then at another store I scored a cute summer dress, shoes and a belt all for under $50.  Jason and I both found a couple shirts at American Eagle to finish up our shopping trip.  

We then headed over to Whole Foods to find something to grill for dinner that evening.  We picked out a dozen shrimp and a steak that we would split. 

It was one HOT birthday!  The temp reached 113* and we decided it was time to head home and take a dip in the pool. 

Pool time while Mollie naps :)

The day wouldn't be complete without CAKE!  I ran down the road to the grocery store to pick one out to eat after dinner.  The selection wasn't the best so it came down to either a big piece of carrot cake or a mini vanilla cake with raspberry filling covered in shaved white chocolate.  Here's what I chose:

Mini raspberry filled cake - Jason and I split this after Mollie went to bed.

I had a really fun birthday hanging out with Jason and Mollie.  Being in Arizona made it even better!  :)

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