Saturday, August 13, 2011

* I Just Felt Like Running *

Whenever I go for a long run the line from Forrest Gump always relays in my head "I just felt like running".  I love that movie!

I am at the start of a training plan I put together for myself for an upcoming race.  It's a 15.2 mile run where you run from one town to another and it ends at a college campus.  My wonderful running buddy, Rachael, has agreed to run with me.  I have never been in a race without her!  In May 2008 we completed a full 26.2 mile marathon just a few months before we both got pregnant.  Her son and my daughter are only 10 days apart! 
Brookings Marathon 4hrs 22min
May 2008

I started training this week with three run days.  Monday 3.2 mile in 26min 48sec, Wednesday 5 miles in 44min 20 sec and today I ran 7 miles in 1hr 4min. 

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't get my rhythm.  I started my run with a strange pain in my ankle but after the first mile the pain went away.  So I was feeling good and really got my speed where I wanted it.  At about mile 4 I had a pain start in my shoulder, at first it was more annoying than painful.  As another mile went by the pain started to shoot up my neck.  I basically was trying to run with as little movement in my left arm as possible but the pain wasn't giving up.  I ran through it until I hit 7 miles and called it quits.  At first I was really bummed because my goal was to complete 8 miles this morning.  I got over it and decided to be happy with getting 7 done and I know I still have 6 weeks of training to get longer runs in before the race.  Now I need to figure out how to fix this shoulder so it won't cause problems again. 

Bike path at the lake

On a happier note, it was gorgeous this morning!  It was cloudy (which I love while running because it's easier to stay cool) and only 65 degrees with wind at 10mph.  Perfect running conditions, can't complain!  I had Jason drive me out to the lake (8 miles from home) and drop me off so I could run back home on the bike path.  I love doing this because it leaves me with no choice but to complete the distance I want.  I like to get on before I go out so I can try new running routes and know how many miles it is.  I like to have a change in scenery and get bored when taking the same routes too often. 

Here are some friends I met along my route this morning:

Getting closer to home...

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