Tuesday, August 23, 2011

*Farmer's Market Goodies*

This is the best time of year for several reasons but one close to the top of the list is the local farmer's market!  Living in South Dakota the farmer's market season is short lived.  Here are the goodies we found this trip:
I love buying cucumbers from the farmer's market because they don't have the wax layer on them like you find at the grocery store.  I bought a mini loaf of blueberry bread and chocolate chip banana bread (one for me and one for the hubby - we shared with Mollie too!).  Snap peas!!  These are great to throw in a salad with spinach, kale, salmon, diced apples and feta cheese.  Mmmm!  I also bought some honey which I later found out the owner's (of the honey company) are neighbors to my late Grandma and Grandpa.  We picked up a dozen ears of sweet corn for $5.  Absolutely at it's peek, it was delicious!  We ate four ears and then froze the rest.  Pizza anyone?  YES PLEASE!  We chose an authentic Italian garlic chicken pizza on whole wheat from Mama Gina's Bakery.  It was so filling and so good.  Dessert...I had to try this little cherry pie!  Just the perfect size (sorry I didn't share this one!).  It was good but it definitely didn't beat my Mom's cherry pie. 

Eating fresh and local produce helps me grow big, strong and healthy! :)
Mollie 16 months

Can't wait for next Saturday to go again and see what goodies I can find!! 

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  1. We went to the farmer's market this past weekend and got tons of goodies! Yum!


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