Saturday, June 4, 2011

*First Blog*

As a Mom of a 1 year old, life is a bit CrAzY!  I started vlogging on YouTube to try and capture some of the moments of my daughter's first year that seemed to be passing WAY to quickly.  Initially I was only going to post videos about everything and anything baby related but I ended up using YouTube to help me stay motivated in my weight loss journey too.  Now I want to use this blog for the same purpose and then some...I will post everything from day-to-day activities with my daughter, my fitness and diet regimen, beauty tips and anything else that comes around.  As I'm writing this I am looking at the clock which says 11:54pm...way past my bedtime.  Mollie, my daughter, is an early riser and I usually regret it when I stay up this late!  I have decided to quit procrastinating and finally get this blog started!  Yah, it's I can go to bed.  :)
<3 Kari

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  1. Yay!! You are gonna love the blogging community!! So glad to see you finally here... Just wait until you find like-minded people to follow, you will have new friends all over the world.... Here's one to get you started.. ~ I love Sarah's blog!


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